About Us - 5to99.com

Making a Long Story Short:

Before we get into all the small talk, let's get this out of the way. 5to99.com is owned & operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC. Our parent company is considered Discount Retailers/Wholesale Liquidators of quality products. Yes we're also Liquidators however we try to avoid the occasional junk, or we just toss it in the garbage when we get some. 5to99.com is our exclusively Online Daily Deals Dollar Store where we feature products for 10% to 80% Off Retail. We feature  50 different Daily Deals at a time. Also keep in mind, Shipping is NO JOKE, we offer a Flat $2.95 Shipping for your Entire order, or Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. As Daily Deals sell out, new Daily Deals are added hourly, daily and/or weekly. Some Daily Deals may last for a few hours, and some Daily Deals may last for a couple weeks, it just depends on our inventory and your buying patterns. Keep in mind, some Daily Deals may never be offered again.



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